Throw it back!

For our 20% project me and Noah are teaching how to fish. This project has rewarding to us because when we teach the kids me and Noah get to learn really good leadership skills because they are really young kids that we are teaching. We know that when we teach the kids they will remember […]

I am stuck in a elivator

For all of you that go to Gray Middle School in sixth grade you know about the 20% project and if you do not know what it is it’s a project that we do in school and we pick a topic that interests you and a partner if you want one. Then every Friday you […]

Time For The Ted Talk ;)

Ted Talk We have accomplished getting all of our stuff done we have tough all of the kids and our mentor has been talking to us a lot and we have got a lot of feedback on how to teach the kids and he said that is was a really good project and he wished […]

St. Patrick Day

Everyone has heard of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow well if you have not heard I will tell you about the origin if it. Irish mythology, the pot of gold is hidden at the end of a rainbow by a small member of the fairy family called the leprechaun. Humans […]


What i got done this week is Getting our speech do and we have remembered it all and this weekend i will have Noah Rogg over and we will finish our video and it will be very easy and we will turn it in too so we do not have to worries. We have been […]

Fishing project 20 %

We did not really get anything done because we have finished all last week. We are doing good we just need to film it all. Our plains are to get our video done. We are all good not problems. We got it a flickr by Chris

fishy frenzy updates

For our 20% the things that we have got done is our mentor got back to us for like the third or fourth time and he gave us some tips on how we should ┬áteach the kids and where to get all of the supplies at a cheap prices. We got our elevator pitch done […]

My 20% fishing project

    What we have got done is getting our mentor and him emailed use back and sided that he will help us teach the kids how to fish and will give us some pointers on how to do somethings like the teaching the kids and so on and that is what we have go […]

My 20% project Fishing

FISHING For my 20% project I did teaching kids to fishing and the things that we have accomplish this week we have got a mentor and he has responded back to us and he is a good fisher and he gave us some tips on how to teach them and where we could get some […]

20% Project

Fishing The thing that we have accomplish this week is we have a idea and we have a idea to fish at my house. Our project is to get kids and their parents and make fishing poles then go fishing and identify the fish they catch. What we are doing right now is figuring out […]